Outside bench

This stirdy bench is made from reclaimed oak wood. It is perfect for rocking outside on a porch or terrace. The construction is designed in such a way that the bench can be disassembled when it is stored for the winter or transported.

Rocking sheep

This rocking animal with its simple looking design will be a present for our first parent-friends and their baby to be. Rocking helps to develop a sense of balance and most children like it. The sheep is made of solid beechwood. We might make a few more for our shop… what do you think?

Pop-up benches and cabinets

For a growing Rotterdam based company called Rechtstreex, Studio met designed and made a series of furniture pieces for three pickup points for groceries. Two benches along the side provide a sitting space during the week and are easily turned into a shelved wall when the popup shop is open. Rolling counters give space to…

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Legs is a series of modular furniture elements. Two different leg heights can be combined with tabletops, shelves, boxes and drawers. A prototype has been made of beechwood, mdf and walnut veneer. The red box has been colored with ink mixed with water and is then spraypainted with transparent lacquer. The drawers with dovetails are…

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Low Sit

Low sit is small but comfortable and therefore perfect for smaller homes or lost corners of your house that become great reading spots with this chair. Inspired on an old chair, this modern version has been designed and made by Nine. Molds for milling the legs of the chair are lasercut, just like the parts…

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Barrelstool Bert

This handy stool can be used for storage, stool and plant table. Barrelstool Bert can be completely disassembled and is available in three heights. The wooden pieces are kept together by a cotton tension strap. The top of the stool has a layer of cork. All parts are finished with natural furniture oil.

Standing desk

This brightly colored table/desk has two drawers, make with dovetail connections. The high legs give the table an elegant look. It can be used as a standing desk, make-up table or side table.

Side table

This table of solid cherry wood has been designed to match an existing dinner table of one of our clients. The design has been made together with the client, after which the complete side table is handmade by Studio met. 

Cloud lamp

The cloud lamp can be fully shaped by you. Easily click the parts together, until you are happy with the shape. Hang it on thin, invisible wire to make the lamp float.

DIY lamp

Inspired by DIY design, Studio met made a new lamp, for you to finish. A very large version for your hallway or livingroom? Or a small shade for you desk lamp? Adjust the lamp in any way you want. We provide you with the building blocks, but the design and making is yours. It’s Lego…

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The whole lamp family

Hey! Check out the complete family so far. This is a blue/green variation. We also have them in pink, yellow, orange, blue, green and sometimes in grey. Check out the shop. If you want to help us sell, like us or share this post on social media!    

DIY chair

By using digital manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting and CNC milling, a chair can be designed in the computer and made from wood. This DIY chair can be put together by customers themselves. The chair can be painted in many kinds of colors. Two versions of this chair exist, one for CNC milling and…

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