Barrelstool Bert

This handy stool can be used for storage, stool and plant table. Barrelstool Bert can be completely disassembled and is available in three heights. The wooden pieces are kept together by a cotton tension strap. The top of the stool has a layer of cork. All parts are finished with natural furniture oil.    

IMG_9802 B

Standing desk

These days people like to work both sitting and standing up. This small desk on high legs comes in bright colors. To make working even nicer.


Side table

Sometimes studio met also works for private clients. This handmade sidetable is made entirely out of solid cherry wood.  



DOWNLOAD THE STEPS IN PDF Hi there! You might just bought or saw the Jacob lamp. Congratulations! Here is what you can do next. It al starts with unpacking the triangles. There is one triangle with a hole in the middle. This will be your base. The circle fits around an E 27 socket. From…

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Crowdyhouse Premiere JACOB

Do you have a large hallway or no lamp above your livingroom? Studio met challenges you to put your own lamp together. Check out JACOB at Crowdyhouse! https://www.crowdyhouse.com/shop/white-cloud-lamp/


Be the first to buy the Cloud lamp

In two days, our campaign at Crowdyhouse starts. be the first to buy our newest DIY design lamp: Cloud lamp! The campaign can be found here.

met handen

DIY lamp

Inspired by DIY design, Studio met made a new lamp, for you to finish. A very large version for your hallway or livingroom? Or a small shade for you desk lamp? Adjust the lamp in any way you want. We provide you with the building blocks, but the design and making is yours. It’s Lego…

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Building our workshop and studio!

It took a while, but it is almost finished now: Studio met at Keilewerf. Check out some of the building steps here!            


New materials

Studio met is experimenting with new materials for the lampshades. Paper (see pictures) could be an option, but we prefer something more flexible, for the closing to work best. We keep you updated.



Ok, already some weeks ago but still nice! Keilefest meets artweek at Keilewerf! Check out the new lamp Studio met presented.      

Schermafdruk 2016-01-01 13.10.00

Studio met on Bol.com!

To celebrate this new year, we inform you that Studio met can now be found on Bol.com! Have a look at our complete collection of Frits, Johan and Arie. We wish you all a great 2016!


Soooo many lampshades

The whole lamp family of Studio met is now available in the following colors: blue, green, orange, red, pink and yellow. Which one do you like best?

Johan, Frits and Arie

The whole lamp family

Hey! Check out the complete family so far. This is a blue/green variation. We also have them in pink, yellow, orange, blue, green and sometimes in grey. Check out the shop. If you want to help us sell, like us or share this post on social media!    


Studio met on Crowdyhouse

Check out our campain at Crowdyhouse! https://www.crowdyhouse.com/shop/frits-lasercut-pendant-lamp/


New lamp coming soon

Hi there! Check out the details of this new lamp. Soon for sale!


Studio met has moved

Yes, we moved! From our nice studio in The Hague to an even nicer spot in Rotterdam: the Keilewerf. Check it out at www.keilewerf.nl. There is stil a lot that needs to be done (for example building walls and a second floor!), but we are sure that it will be a beautiful workshop and office…

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New product on Etsy!

We have a new product on our Etsy shop: the hanging version of Johan. We decided to call it Frits. Because the lamp can be taken apart into small and compact pieces, we can send it as a letter to you. In this way we don’t ship ‘air’ and thereby reduce the shipping costs. Right now…

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Emco Star

New machine

Studio met has a new machine! Meet our Emco Star. This monster can do almost anything!


Studio met on Etsy

Today we have made fresh pictures, new lamps and an Etsy shop! You can buy our Johan lamps in various colors. Check out the shop.


Pattern furniture

Studio met has been working on a new idea: pattern furniture, the ultimate DIY package for furniture. Choose one out of four models and make it in S, M of L. Four patterns will be printed on two sheets of plywood. By following the right lines, the parts for one piece of furniture can be…

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